Going into fourth gear: SCOSS launches its 4th pledging round


“ SCOSS is thrilled to announce the launch of its fourth pledging cycle. Each of the chosen projects is already an established and well-known infrastructure with high usage and making an important contribution to open scholarship. They all need the community support to  foster continued innovation, increased resilience and financial sustainability.” Martin Borchert, Chair of the SCOSS Board.

The time has come! SCOSS is going into fourth gear announcing its 4th SCOSS pledging round with three new Open Science Infrastructure services partnering with us and needing your help in creating a sustainable future for them. After careful evaluation, SCOSS has selected Dryad, LA Referencia, and ROR for this fourth funding cycle. 

We hope that you will consider contributing to one, two, or all three of these carefully chosen Open Science Infrastructures. Let’s work together to build a healthy Open Science ecosystem!

Watch Two-Minute Pitches to learn more about each organisation:

Dryad (https://youtu.be/KHrFrs2MdAs)

LA Referencia (https://youtu.be/ZCWxuqUVQ54)

ROR (https://youtu.be/-dWFhxwQgn4)

Thank you for considering funding these important infrastructures! Find more info on pledging here.