Annual progress reports from the SCOSS Family


Annual reports: SCOSS 2nd and 3rd pledging cycle infrastructures reflect on progress made with SCOSS funding

Earlier this year, the infrastructures from the SCOSS 2nd and 3rd pledging cycle submitted their 2022 Annual Reports. OpenCitations, PKP, arXiv, Redalyc/AmeliCA, and DSpace provided detailed reports on how they spent the funds received from the SCOSS campaign, including milestones achieved, and progress towards their goals. The SCOSS Advisory Group evaluated all reports, and they were approved by the SCOSS Governing Board. The five vital infrastructures made remarkable progress thanks to the funding received from the SCOSS campaign. The funding made it possible to advance on technical roadmaps, community engagement, and strategic goals.

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Thank you to all organizations that have contributed to these infrastructures through SCOSS!