Information for SCOSS financial contributors or donors

We are pleased to hear that you/your organisation is willing to financially support SCOSS Supported Infrastructure. With this letter we would like to inform you about our agreement with the Supported Infrastructure.

SCOSS stands for ‘Global ‘Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services’, which is an initiative of SPARC Europe, a Dutch Foundation committed to delivering on the promise of Open Access and Open Science.

After the SCOSS Supported Infrastructure was approved by SCOSS, the Infrastructure and SPARC Europe have entered into an agreement for a period of up to three years. The sole purpose of the agreement is for SCOSS to help the Supported Infrastructure in obtaining crowdfunding to achieve the financial and service sustainability goals of the Supported Infrastructure, as a valued provider of open infrastructure supporting open scholarship. The SCOSS review of the Supported Infrastructure has been done to the best of SCOSS’s knowledge and ability. SCOSS does not guarantee and is not responsible for the quality of the Supported Infrastructure, either in terms of actions the Supported Infrastructure takes or fails to take. It is the responsibility of financial supporters to examine the Supported Infrastructure.

SCOSS support consists of, for example, global promotion of the Supported Infrastructure as well as provision of visualisation and communication tools. SCOSS will be monitoring the Supported Infrastructure an annual basis to maintain high-quality support for the duration of the above-mentioned agreement.

SCOSS will however not be a party to any (support or donation) agreement made between you/your organisation and the Supported Infrastructure and will therefore not be bound by any arrangements between you/your organisation and the Supported Infrastructure. SCOSS only supports the Supported Infrastructure in bringing it in contact with potential donors or financial supporters, no action or omission whatsoever by the Supported Infrastructure and/or you/your organisation shall result in any liability of SCOSS.

SCOSS thanks you for your financial contribution / donation towards reaching the financial sustainability goal of the Supported Infrastructure.