How it Works in a Nutshell

Each year, the coalition invites non-commercial OA/OS services to apply for SCOSS co-ordinated funding.
This process begins with an invitation for interested infrastructure to submit an Expression of Interest; applicant entries are evaluated and up to six are selected and invited to submit a full, formal application.

The SCOSS board evaluates applicants rigorously based on criteria including the service’s value to communities such as funders, universities, libraries, authors, research managers and repositories. Applicants are also evaluated on details pertaining to their governance structure, costs, sustainability measures, and future plans.

The infrastructures who are determined to be eligible will be proposed by the coalition to the wider OA/OS community with an invitation to help fund them in a fashion similar to crowdfunding. Employing a funding structure devised and managed by SCOSS, research affiliated organisations and institutions of all sizes and funders throughout the world are requested to contribute financially to the service for a defined three-year period. This temporary funding is intended to support OA/OS service providers so that they may obtain a more secure financial footing.

Up to three services may be selected for funding during each funding cycle.

Learn more about the application process.

Note: SCOSS does not act as an intermediary in the process of coordinating and collecting funds; this transaction is handled by the infrastructure themselves. However, it works with consortia and shares out lessons with the SCOSS infrastructure family. Download Considerations regarding financial transactions between SCOSS-supported infrastructure and financiers document for details.