SCOSS Expression of Interest 2022

*** The call for SCOSS Expression of Interest 2022 is now closed. We are currently evaluating the applications we have received.***


Invitation to Open Science Infrastructure and services

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NOTE: You must submit your application in English

Having raised well over 3 million EUR to sustain vital, non-commercial infrastructure and services within the Open Science community; the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS) is once again searching for new potential candidate organisations to fund during the 2022 to 2024 SCOSS funding cycle. We welcome applications from across the world: particularly from South America, Asia and Africa although all regions should apply.

In short, this is how the initiative works: SCOSS provides the framework and funding structure, vetting potential candidates based on a defined set of criteria. The most eligible of those that pass the vigorous evaluation are then presented to the global OA/OS community of stakeholders with an appeal for monetary support in a crowdfunding-style approach.

In 2022, the SCOSS board is seeking potential candidates for preliminary assessment. At minimum, each candidate must meet the following basic qualifications:

  1. The candidate organisation must have been established for at least two years, and can demonstrate their sustainability challenge.
  2. Eligible organisations must have a non-profit status in the country in which they are based and/or be affiliated with or owned by a research or educational institution.
  3. The services or infrastructure provided by the candidate organisation must be of international relevance and must be broadly relevant to more than one discipline.


It is important that each of these elements are clearly addressed in the EOI.


Applications should identify how their services or infrastructure support one or more of the below mentioned themes.

In the SCOSS consultation run in summer 2021, the community identified three types of Open Science Infrastructure to prioritise for funding:

  1. Open publishing services, tools and platforms
  2. FAIR Open Access repository services
  3. Open research data infrastructure and services

The SCOSS Board recognizes these types as priorities in this call. At the same time, it remains open to receiving applications coming from other types of services that address other themes.


Candidate organisations that are interested in seeking SCOSS funding are invited to fill in an initial expression of interest (EOI). Organisations that were unsuccessful in previous rounds are invited to resubmit as appropriate. To be considered, all EOIs must be submitted by Monday, 28 February 2022 at 5PM CET.
SCOSS will evaluate all submissions; a small selection of organisations that best meet the SCOSS basic qualifications and themes while making a clear, strong case for community support will be invited to complete a more comprehensive application form in 2022.

NOTE: All data shared here will be handled confidentially and according to SPARC Europe's Privacy Policy.