Who should apply?

If you are a non-commercial provider of services that has as its primary objective to support open access/open science infrastructure, and you are in need of financial support, please consider applying.

Or, if you are an Open Science and/or Open Access advocate and user, funder, research institution, library or member of a research community, and you would like to recommend a service for funding, please reach out to us.

The following are minimum criteria infrastructure must meet in order to be considered for SCOSS funding:

  • The candidate organisation must have been established for at least two years, and be able to demonstrate their sustainability challenge.
  • Eligible organisations must have a non-profit status in the country in which they are based and/or be affiliated with or owned by a research or educational institution.
  • The services or infrastructure provided by the candidate organisation must be of international relevance and must be broadly relevant to more than one discipline.

More details regarding requirements can be found under Application Process.