The Dutch Research Council is funding 3 SCOSS infrastructures to the tune of 72,000 euros


 SCOSS is most grateful to the Dutch Research Council’s (NWO) commitment to Open infrastructure. The NWO is one of the few SCOSS national research funder pledgers so far!

The council supports open science infrastructures as part of its 2023-2026 strategy. Among the 38 stated ambitions, the 8th indicates: “The NWO encourages the transition to open science (open access, FAIR data, open software and citizen science). The NWO will continue to take the lead using instruments that contribute to this ambition, such as (grant) conditions, (financial) support for open science, recognising and rewarding researchers who put open science into practice, and encouraging developments in the field.”

This spring, the Dutch Research Council has moved closer to this ambition by committing to 3 infrastructures from the second and the fourth SCOSS funding cycles: OpenCitations, PKP and ROR.  The Council pledges a total amount of 72,000 euros, shared equally between the infrastructures.

“We are very happy to contribute to these three infrastructures, which are closely aligned with our goals for open science. Each in its own way, offers essential services for a high-quality open science communication system: OpenCitations for enabling fairer bibliographic research, PKP for offering (smaller) journal communities the opportunity to professionalise their open access publishing activities, and ROR for making it easy for any person or system to standardise institutional names and link research organisations to researchers and research outputs. All these services are essential building blocks to make science and scholarship open and transparent.”Jeroen Sondervan, Programme Leader Open Scholarly Communication, Dutch Research Council (NWO)

SCOSS expresses its warmest thanks to the Netherlands!


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