The French National Fund for Open Science pledges 210.000 euros for Open Science Infrastructure


After its record pledge to SCOSS in 2020, France comes back with more funds for Open Science Infrastructure. The French Open Science Steering Committee announced its decision to support three SCOSS-promoted infrastructures: arXiv, Redalyc/AmeliCA, and DOAJ. The generous pledge amounts to 70.000 euros for each infrastructure, adding up to a total of 210.000 euros.

The funds are coming from The French National Fund for Open Science (FNSO), which is the financial instrument of the French Plan for Open Science. The fund was formed to support projects and initiatives that are advancing Open Science. The French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, together with French universities and research performing organisations, jointly contribute to the fund.

We are pleased to support an open and diverse scientific publishing ecosystem that provides a high level of service to researchers and contributes to the broad dissemination of scientific knowledge” says Claire Giry, Director General for Research and Innovation and President of the French Open Science Steering Committee. “We thus affirm our commitment to the sustainability of international open science infrastructures governed by the scientific community.”

Thank you so much, France!

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