Yes, you MAY! SCOSS social media campaign for Open Science Infrastructures


COVID-19 has adversely affected pledging for the recent SCOSS infrastructures, which is why we have proclaimed May and June as the Months of Contributing to Open Science Infrastructures (OSIs). A social media campaign under the title Yes, you MAY was launched in May to raise awareness about the importance of supporting OSIs. It took the form of a challenge, in which libraries and other organizations nominate each other to show how they contribute to OSIs.

It is our hope that the social media buzz will translate into more pledges for the infrastructures currently struggling to meet their pledging targets. 

If you have not yet pledged, we ask you to consider doing so as the financial health of these infrastructures depends upon it. You can find out more on pledging here.

If you have already pledged, we encourage you to join the #yesyoumay campaign, showing how you support OSIs and challenging other organizations to do the same.

Several institutions from Australia, Belgium, and France have already joined the challenge. The campaign will continue through June under the slogan: Yes, you May!… Also in June. 

Join the #yesyoumay campaign 

Follow #yesyoumay on Twitter to see who is already playing and pledging.

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